Requirements of Delivery Members

General Consortium Eligibility

For basic consortium member eligibility, please visit the Become a Member page

Delivery Partner Requirements

  1. Quality

Delivery partners must be committed to providing high quality learning opportunities and have systematic arrangements that ensure the quality of teaching, training and guidance does not fall below a satisfactory level and which continuously strives towards the improvement of the learning experience as it impacts directly on the learner.  This must include working within the Education Inspection Framework for accredited learning, RARPA for non-accredited learning and the Matrix standard for Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) services.

For provision of other non-learning/training activities and services, delivery partners will be expected to have other appropriate quality systems in place.

Quality Policy – Delivery partners will be expected to posses a Quality Policy that is understood by staff, volunteers and learners (service users) and is regularly reviewed.

  1. Staff / Volunteers 

Delivery partners will be expected to use appropriately qualified staff/ volunteers in the delivery of learning opportunities and/or the provision of IAG services, including sessional staff, partners and sub-contractors where appropriate.  Similarly, management must commit to undertake regular supervision and appraisals with staff/ volunteers, highlighting and addressing any professional development needs.

  1. Management Information Systems (MIS) 

For all activities taking place under the VOLA umbrella, delivery partners will be expected to submit all relevant management information, both relating to learning activities (e.g. Learner Eligibility Declaration records, Individual Learner Records, etc.) and finance, to the central management team by the required deadlines.  Financial penalties may apply for non-conformance, which will be specified in individual service level agreements.

  1. Equality & Diversity 

Possession of a written Equality & Diversity policy that is understood by staff, volunteers and learners and is regularly reviewed.  It is essential that delivery partners are able to demonstrate not just an understanding, but the practical application of equality & diversity principles.

  1. Health & Safety 

Possession of a written Health & Safety policy and procedures with the undertaking and recording of all appropriate checks and assessments.  As a fundamental requirement, delivery partners must be able to ensure a safe learning environment for all learners and staff. This will entail up-to-date and thorough risk assessments.

  1. Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Organisations that work with children, young people or vulnerable individuals must have appropriate Safeguarding (Children and Vulnerable Adult) policies and procedures in place.  Delivery partners must also operate safe recruitment practices, including appropriate vetting and training for staff (including volunteers and trustees), including following up references and appropriate use of the DBS disclosure service.

  1. Publicity & Branding 

Members must be committed to promoting the VOLA brand on all literature relating to activities funded through VOLA.  Likewise, members must use the logos of other funders as appropriate (e.g. ESF, Big Lottery Community Fund, Education and Skills Funding Agency, or other).

  1. Information Governance (Data Protection) and Confidentiality

Delivery partners must possess and follow appropriate (legally compliant) information governance (data protection and retention) and confidentiality policies and procedures, covering all relevant organisational functions – both physical (hard copy) and computer data.  Staff/volunteers most be appropriately trained in Information Governance/ data protection and confidentiality relevant to their role.

Delivery partners must maintain an appropriate registration with the Information Commissioner relevant to their area of operation.

  1. Other

A range of other policies, processes and procedures (some generic and others contract/ project specific) will be checked prior to issuing SLAs/ partnership agreements or delivery commencing and periodically thereafter throughout project delivery.  Examples may include financial (including anti-fraud), Complains, Whistleblowing, Human Resources, Training and Development, etc.

Delivery partners will be expected to comply with all requirements and respond promptly to any requests for information.