Kickstart is the Government’s new job creation scheme. It supports young unemployed people (16-24) to get on in life, by taking them on through Kickstart-funded job placements and giving them a chance to prove themselves, whilst improving their employability skills and experience at the same time.

Kickstart is managed by the DWP and an employer needs a minimum of 30 placements to be able to access the scheme directly.

Therefore the VS6 partnership have agreed for VOLA to act as the partnership’s lead body in coordinating a VCFSE sector option to the Kickstart scheme across the Liverpool City Region (LCR).  We will work closely with our VS6 partners to raise awareness of Kickstart and facilitate access to the scheme for local VCFSE employers.

For more information about how the scheme works please see the briefing slides below and if you are interested in joining the project please complete and expression of interest form:

The deadline for the expression of interest form has now been extended to Friday 13th November 2020.

Find out more about the good work we do in supporting the local VCFSE sector, people and communities across the city region here: VOLA, VS6.