About VOLA

VOLA is a consortium of Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector service providers operating in Liverpool City Region.  The consortium exists to provide a formal structure for supporting the VCSE sector in relation to learning, skills, employment support and criminal justice services (crime prevention and rehabilitation of offenders) in the area.

Operating as a Social Enterprise and legally constituted in October 2013, VOLA Consortium is a Company Ltd by Guarantee (8746685) and a Registered Charity (1158777).  However, the consortium has actually been in operation in an unincorporated form since 2007 through a hybrid managing agent/ lead provider model, housed in Sefton CVS.

VOLA has a strong, demonstrable track record of success in managing and delivering complex and challenging public sector contracts supported by solid business management and support infrastructures.  Since its inception in 2007, the consortium has won and delivered over £12m of publicly funded contracts and grants, supporting 5,700 learners and over 700 employers through a range of adult and youth focused programmes and projects.

The consortium has robust contract, programme/ project and partnership management processes and, to date (Jan-17), having involved 89 member and partner organisations in the delivery of consortium contracts since 2007.  Over 100 members (past and present) have also taken part in capacity building and Quality Improvement activities.

If you are interested in joining VOLA, visit the ‘Become a Member’ section of the site.  Details of current delivery can be found in the ‘Projects’ section.