Key Achievements

VOLA has a strong, demonstrable track record of success in managing and delivering complex and challenging projects.  This is supported by solid business management and support infrastructures with robust project and partnership management processes.

There is no comparable VCSE-sector consortium providing Liverpool City Region wide skills and employment support at a similar scale; our reputation across LCR and wider, evidenced in being cited as a model of good practice in collaborative VCSE-sector working.

Since 2007

  • We have won and collaboratively delivered £17,910,833 of publicly-funded contracts supporting more than 9,100 learners and 800 employers through a range of youth and adult-focused projects.
  • We have increasingly strong links with the Combined Authority, considered as the local ‘go-to’ VCSE organisation in relation to skills and employment.  All our members are locally-based, grassroots organisations with exceptional community links.
  • Current membership stands at 60 organisations, 31 of which have delivered on VOLA projects during the last three years.  Over 13 years of operation, we have involved 97 VCSE organisations in collaborative project delivery, with over 150 participating in capacity building and quality improvement support.
  • VOLA contributes significantly to social value and community-wealth-building.  Analysis of past and current projects using the HACT Well-being calculator  conservatively-estimated the value of notional well-being totalling £24,976,866.
  • In terms of our positive impact on community-wealth-building, 95.5% of the 200 (128 FTE) staff working on VOLA projects since 2016 live in LCR, spending their wages locally; thereby contributing to the local financial multiplier effect.  The VOLA management team all live in LCR area.
  • We provide of a formal infrastructure for supporting collaborative, grassroots VCSE delivery learning/skills and employment support services.
  • We have coordinated, large-scale provision for hard-to-reach and disadvantaged individuals and communities, including NEET young people and those with protected characteristics.
  • Delivery of Digital Inclusion initiatives for unemployed and otherwise disadvantaged people across a number of projects.
  • Provided access to VCSE work placement, ILM and job opportunities.


See our project pages for more information on the individual projects we currently deliver.