FE Workforce Data System – Benchmarking Your Organisation Against Others in the FE Sector. (15/16 data collection window open til 31 August).

The new SIR Data Insights service is a free strategic decision making tool developed by The Education and Training Foundation for the FE sector.

If you are a college, an independent training provider or an adult community learning provider, this service is for you!

It will help you to collect, analyse and benchmark vital management data about your workforce, as well as benchmark your organisation against other providers.

  • Benchmark vital management data including pay, staff qualifications, age, gender, ethnicity
  • Benchmark your organisation against other providers by type and size, which is not possible through an HR system, for example:
    • Benchmark your Service’s salaries against the sector
    • Monitor the changes among similar ACL providers over time to compare growth and development
    • Benchmark on qualifications and ethnicity for quality reporting
  • Carry out an effective quality check on your HR data
  • Understand your workforce profile in order to inform your recruitment policy and advertising


The Education and Training Foundation has developed a new workforce analysis tool for all FE providers – the new SIR Data Insights Service will help you collect, analyse and benchmark key data about your workforce – to help you improve quality and operations management.

The new system was developed with collaboration from the Third Sector National Learning Alliance and others in the FE sector – it replaces the annual workforce survey. SIR has three significant differences for the third sector:

  • You can enter your own data directly to the system at contract level
  • After entering data you be able immediately to access management dashboards showing analysis of the data including pay, qualifications, age, gender and ethnicity
  • Once enough data has been collected you will be able to benchmark your organisation against other providers by type and size

The Foundation has made a long-term commitment to the ongoing development and improvement of SIR.

Help is available to support you with your first data submission. If you have a HR system you may be able to export and upload data directly. If you don’t there are tools and a help desk to make this as easy as possible.



EMAILhttp://support@sirdatacollection.org.uk OR call 0345 833 9040

Don Hayes – CEO of Enable and board member of the Education and Training Foundation says:

Collecting relevant data about the VCSE workforce is really important if staff and learning providers are to access relevant continuing professional development – and the sector supporting the most disadvantaged learners is to be properly included in new policy developments.”

“Having this data in a clear framework will also help you to run your organisation and support your staff more effectively.”

If you consider yourself an Further Education provider and are interested in benchmarking your organisation’s workforce against the wider sector, you might want to give it a try!

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