Register of Training Organisations (RTO)

The Due Diligence Assurance Gateway for the Register of Training Organisations (RTO) is currently closed.   We will advise when it reopens.

Should VOLA members apply to be on the Register?   VOLA has previously cautioned smaller member organisations over spending time and energy on this PQQ – mainly because even when accepted onto the RTO, it is unlikely our smaller members would be able to bid for contracts on their own due to limited capacity and geographical reach. On the whole, for our smaller members who are not delivering SFA funded provision through sub-contracts this still stands.  However, the context has changed over the last couple of years and we do recommend that members who are involved in, or likely to become involved in, delivery of SFA contracts as a sub-contractor should consider applying to join the register:    Oversight of sub-contracting has increased over recent years –  the SFA requires all proposed sub-contracting partners to be named in tenders by the lead, including a statement of whether they are on the RTO or not; all organisations with an aggregate subcontract value (i.e. the total if you sub-contract to different organisations) over £100,000 MUST be on the Register before contracts can be awarded to any lead provider naming them as a delivery partner.   This is substantially lower than the original threshold of £500,000 and we are aware that several of our member organisations are approaching, if not over, this threshold. One advantage of being on the RTO is that your organisation will be able to see all SFA information relating to tenders as they are released, so you will potentially be in a better position to approach potential leads with a view to contributing to their supply chain.

When open, you can apply to be on the Register through the e-tendering Bravo Solutions web portal. The link to SFA guidance about the Register of Training Organisations, including the Register itself can be found here. If you want to apply and would like assistance, please contact the VOLA office.

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